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Government Of Assam Secondary Education

Implementation of Model Schools

  • As a part of the Central Government's commitment to make secondary education of good quality available and in pursuance of Prime Minister's Independence Day Announcement,2007 to set up Model schools at the block level, the Government of India decided to set up 2500 Model Schools in KV template, in the first phase, under the Centrally Sponsored Scheme to set up 6000 Model Schools in Educationally Backward Blocks (EBBs). Accordingly it was originally decided to establish one Model School in each of the 81 Educationally Backward Blocks as identified by the Govt of India, Ministry of Human Resource Development for providing quality education to the aspiring students of the rural Assam.

    The Govt of India, Ministry of Human Resource Development has accorded its approval for setting up of Model Schools in 76 Blocks out of 81 identified Educationally Backward Blocks. As many as 48 Nos. of Model Schools from class-I to XII are in different phases of construction out of which 15 nos. of Model schools Started functioning from 01/01/2015. Functioning of more Model Schools are targeted in 2017-18.