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Government Of Assam Secondary Education

Saptadhara Scheme


This is a unique scheme for imparting education specially in extracurricular activities and for providing an opportunity to every young child to explore Global knowledge on skill based innovative teaching learning tactics.

The programme

Under the auspices of mission for excellence SAPTADHARA, all schools , school to colleges and at a later stage in the Uniiversities across Assam will have to focus various areas of Education, art and kowledge for the manifold progress of the youth. These areas of focus are known as Band/Cluster/Spectrum/Continuum/ Symphony of activities (Dharas).

Activities under SAPTADHARA


  • GyanDhara (knowledge Band)
  • UpasthapanDhara (Presentation Band)
  • Gaurav Dhara (self esteem)
  • SukumarDhara
  • Rang Kala , NatyaDhara
  • SamajSevaDhara (Community/ Social Service Band)
  • UdbhabanDhara(Talent)

GyanDhara (knowledge Band)

  • Acquiring knowledge
  • Teaching based on Text books
  • Regular Classroom tansactions
  • Maintaingregulrity in teachings
  • Complition of Course curriculur

UpasthapanDhara (Presentation Band)

  • Teacher- Symbol of respect and perfection
  • Being role model- Teacher's attitude has been recognised as a significant factor in the learing process and ultimate success in the classroom. Inspire the students by the way they live their lives.

Gaurav Dhara (self esteem)

  • Being proud of oneself
  • Self Esteem- Pride and self confidence come from healthy self esteem, the positive beliefs that you hold about yourself. Identify, focus


  • Sangeet
  • Nritya
  • Games & Sports

Rang Kala , NatyaDhara

  • Yoga
  • Athletics
  • Indoor/Outdoor Games

SamajSevaDhara (Community/ Social Service Band)

  • Plantation
  • Blood Donation
  • Rally for Awareness
  • NSS Activities


  • Inborn talent

SAPTADHARA scheme has been implemented in 324 Higher Secondary Schools and 51 Junior Colleges across the State. The list of schools are attached.